NRA High Power
Rifle Overview

Everyone is invited to participate regardless of your experience level. New shooters are encouraged to come out to join in the fun, while learning to shoot better as well. We will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible, so you may start your shooting experience on a positive note. Several experienced High Power shooters are willing to spend time with either newcomer or long time competitor, please just ask.

The following is a general outline, briefly describing what it is that we do. NRA High Power Rifle competition is divided into six classes, from new unclassified shooter to High Master within two categories, Service and Match rifles firing at least 88 rounds. The competition is further divided into several different matches or stages. We will be using targets at the 200 & 300* yard lines for our matches, with a few changes from the normal match shot on ranges with 600 yard capability. *At the shooters option, 200 yd reduced targets for the entire match will continue to be available.

Our typical High Power match, will consist of a sighter period of 2 minutes, during which 2 shots are fired before each match stage begins. The 800 score aggregate consists of a slow fire match of 20 record shots in 20 minutes, fired from the standing position. You will next shoot a rapid-fire match from the sitting position, consisting of two 10-shot strings for record in 60 seconds per string, including a mandatory reload. Followed by the rapid-fire prone stage, which again consists of two 10-shot strings for record in 70 seconds per string, including a mandatory reload. The last match will be the slow fire prone stage, 20 shots for record in 20 minutes. Remember each stage or match is preceded by a separate sighter period.

All shooters are asked to assist with the match setup and tear down. With lots of helping hands, this goes very fast. You'll also take your turn scoring for fellow competitors and changing targets. Everyone helps in running the match that's part of the fun.


For more specific details check out “What is NRA High Power Rifle ?? As well as information on our club's regular monthly High Power Matches, M-1 Garand Matches, High Power Clinics or High Power shooting in general.
                             John Donald 732-410-9999 or


Located less than 10 minutes from Great Adventure!

From either the Garden State Parkway or the New Jersey Turnpike

FROM THE PARKWAY: exit the Parkway on to I-195 going west, about 10 miles take the Siloam/Jackson exit. On the exit ramp make a left hand turn, you will now be headed south over I-195 on 527.

Go through the first traffic light about 4 miles to the second traffic light. Make a right turn on to 528 west, continue on this road past the Jackson Municipal complex crossing over 571 at the second light. Once past the 528 & 571 intersection proceed about 4 miles, the Indian Rock Resort campground is on the right. Once past the Indian Rock Resort the first left is Stump Tavern road, make that left. Proceed up the hill and as it starts going down look for the range sign on the right.

Once on the range entrance road proceed to the electronic gate and read the posted sign for your entry code. Once the gate opens follow the road to the end, the high power range will be on your left.

FROM THE TURNPIKE: exit the Turnpike on to I-195 going east, about 17 miles take the Siloam/Jackson exit. On the exit ramp make a right hand turn on to 527. Follow the directions above from there to the range.

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