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Equipment you will need

Central Jersey has a complete line of loaner equipment for use by anyone in need, including top quality rifles, please ask to use it!
To start out with

Equipment you will want
as you progress

Ammunition. Not all ammo is created equal, buy good quality and if your planning on shooting an M1 be sure the ammo was designed for its gas system. Ammo is usually available in .223, .308 and 30-06 at cheap prices, loaner rifle users MUST purchase and USE our ammo.
Magazines. You will need at least two magazines (AR15, M14) enblock clips (M1) or stripper clips (bolt rifles) for reloading during the rapid fire stages.
It's also nice to have a dedicated magazine for single loading for slow fire and sighters but this is optional.
Shooting Sling. any sling is better than no sling, service rifles are limited to a web sling or a M1907 style leather sling.
Empty Chamber Indicator. this is an important and inexpensive $1 safety device (just buy one).
Shooting Mat. a good shooting mat has a rubber top to hold your elbows in position.
Spotting Scope. the spotting scope will be one of the most expensive piece's of equipment you buy. Money spent on a scope is not wasted, usually the more it costs the better it will be.
Scope Stand. Either home made or production you'll need a stand to be able to see through your scope in all positions.
Eye Protection or Shooting Glasses. can range from inexpensive to the sky's the limit. How much are your eyes worth? Do yourself a favor and protect your eyes!
Ear or Hearing protection. See Shooting glasses, substitute ears for eyes.
Shooting Gloves. Sooner or later you will want a glove (for comfort). There are many different styles and prices, find one you like or have one of each.
Shooting Stool. A stool is a nice thing to have, it gives you a place to sit when scoring (for another shooter), it's also a handy place to store your gear.
Shooting Coat. A good coat is expensive but money well spent. Basically they are made of three different materials. Cloth (basic), Cordura (mid grade) and Leather (top of the line).


Shooting Gloves
Half finger glove
Half finger 
full finger glove
full finger
NRA style nitt
NRA style
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Different styles of shooting mats
shooting mat fl shooting mat
freeland deluxe mat
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Shooting coats
cloth coat
Cordura coat
leather coat
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Scope, Stand, Slings, Empty Chamber Indicators
Freeland scope stand
Freeland scope stand
M1907 style NM slings
open bolt ind
30 cal empty chamber indicator (M1, M14)
open bolt ind css
Empty chamber indicator (AR15)
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prep time
On the firing line in preparation for sitting position,
you can see the various stools, stands and misc. gear.
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